Textile Arts Association was founded on January 25 th, 1995, by a group of textile art fans, in Kuzguncuk, an attractive area of Istanbul, on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

We initially began as a group interested in various textile arts, but soon found out that quilting superceded the other textile arts on the agenda. We devote our time and enthusiastic volunteer efforts to:

• Learning and teaching quilting,
• Trying to raise general interest in quilting,
• Searching antique Turkish quilts and creating awareness about their value,
• Introducing traditional Turkish quilting to the world,
• Motivating quilters to attend world quilt events, to follow up recent techniques, publications and tools,
• Organizing cultural activities for members,
• Being active in charity work.

Textile Arts Association exchanges quilt blocks, ideas, techniques and culture with quilters all over the World. Their motto is to "Piece for Peace".