Quilting stands at the intersection of art and handicraft and bears many impressions of the culture in which it is produced. Quilts are created with love and quilters all over the world are connected with this loving and creative activity. Our stitches extend far more than the boundaries of countries, thus contributing to a more peaceful world.

Textile Arts Association exchanges quilt blocks, ideas, techniques and culture with quilters all over the World. Their motto is to "Piece for Peace".
Bundle with Patches, Forty Pieces,
My Grandma’s Bundle or The Wife Begged (for scraps) and the Husband Appreciated... 

some of the intresting names for Patchwork, in Turkey.

Patchwork, has been around in Turkey for a long time. We can see very old pieced prayer rugs, bedspreads or table cloths made from different types of fabrics, all used together.

We also see quilted clothing in our history, made using the whole cloth method. The best and most fascinating examples of patchwork in Turkish history are the appliqué tents and marquees of the Ottoman Sultans.